Nick & Jane // Lime Park Cottages Outdoor Wedding // Ballycastle

Again looking back at weddings for a couple of years ago, I was asked by a family I have known for a long time, The Kyle's to come and document the wedding of their eldest daughter Jane. 

It was such a great day with them surrounded by their family and friends who all had a great party. An amazingly relaxed day. 

Nick & Janet got married in the brilliant Lime Park Cottages. I have to say, one of my favourite places in general, never mind for weddings, and it didn't disappoint. 

Venue: Lime Park Cottages

Make Up: Leanne Godfrey

Hair: Hair Salon Fifty Four - Ballymena

Flowers: Scarlett & Crimson

Evening Entertainment: Niamh Kavanagh

Shannon & Kathryn // Wedding // Millbrook Lodge

My first full time job had me relocate myself all the way from one side of Belfast lough to the other. I grew up in Carrickfergus and I found myself a stranger on the streets of Bangor. 

Whilst I was there I met some brilliant people and characters. 

Kathryn & Shannon are two amazing people. I was so delighted when they asked me to take the photos at their wedding. Shannon is a very talented videographer so I know he knows lots of different photographers. 

They had their wedding, their way. Just the way it should be. Bouncy castles and all! 

Thomas & Jude // Virginia Park Lodge // Ireland

It would be a rare and unfortunate wedding, where the bride and/or groom don't show some sort of excitement to get married, but when it comes to the most amount of excitement to get married, I think these two take the prize.

Thomas & Jude planned their day down to the smallest of details, from mix CD's for people to take with them in the car for the long journey down to the beautiful Virginia Park Lodge, to have their first dance outside with sparklers, everything was thought through and was beautifully presented with style and class.

What a great day to celebrate these two getting married during the summer. Thomas I have known for a while not only as manager for David C Clements, who I have worked closely with over the last 18 months, and Callum Stewart, another local singer songwriter I have done some work with, but he is also the drummer in one of my favourite wedding bands, The Gents. Jude on the other hand I knew a bit less but her circle of friends I know slightly better, if her friends where anything to go by, I knew Thomas had found himself a keeper. I think you will be able to see for yourself, just how much fun they had! 

Ross & Louise // Chateau De Saint-Martory // France

Life has a strange way of coming full circle, when you leave school you say goodbye to people, knowing you may see them every now and again but you realise there may be a chance your lives go off in different directions. 

I can remember in school when Ross & Louise started going out. I was a few years above them and as things are in school days, the news was a big deal. 

Fast forward ten or so years and I get a lovely email from Louise telling me that Ross proposed and they where planning a wedding in France. They had been to the venue, an old Chateau, and had a massive party planned. So they booked Chateau de Saint Martory and it was an absolute honour to then be asked to fly out and do my best to try and take photos that did the wedding and the beautiful surroundings justice. Starting out with the White Night Party the night before, to the wedding party that went on to 4am and everything else in between, including a special trip to a sunflower field! 

If you would like to get married in a French castle, please check out Chateau de Saint-Martory

Adam & Hannah // Slieve Donard // Winter Wedding

Adam & Hannah // Slieve Donard // Winter Wedding

Adam & Hannah // Slieve Donard

When you get emails from couples enquiring about the potential of you doing the photography at your wedding, you never know who they may be. 

But when they say they got your name from friends of theirs, and it turns out their friends are some of the best people you know on this earth, you started to get excited. It did not disappoint.