Being a photographer places you in privileged positions.  

The positions where you get to observe those moments in peoples' lives that will last a lifetime in their memory. For instance, the moment that the father of the bride who has been surprisingly quiet all morning picks up the courage to go and see his daughter in her dress for the first time.  The look on his face never fails to move me, especially when he is doing everything he can not to show the emotion that is so clearly evident on his face or the face of adoring fan at a concert, seeing their favourite band.  


It's at these moments that you are reminded that life is more important than the things we tend to hold dear. 

I want to run a business with these things in mind.

I want you to feel you have made the right choice, which is why I actively encourage you to look around at the fantastic range and styles we have in the photography community.

One of the greatest aspects of photography [and art in general] is that it is completely subjective. I can nearly guarantee the photo that I am most happy with from a wedding/photo-shoot will be different from yours.

This is what gives it life.

So to claim you are the best photographer in the world or to win awards with that claim on the trophy, whilst it might be a great feeling, I feel like it completely misses the point.