Family Portraits

Family time is so important, if you are anything like me or Julie, your always snapping photos of your family on your phone. However, the busyness of life often means we never get around to savouring those family moments, that it in years to come are so precious. 

Let me come and hang out with you as a family for a couple of hours.

How does it work?

Pick and time and place, maybe somewhere you like as a family, even your house and I will come and hang out for an hour or two. During that time, I will chat and get to know your family and whilst doing that, get some real family photos, photos doing stuff together, not always directed. There will be time to get group photos as well.

How much does it cost? 


How do we get access to the photos?

The photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where you will have the option to download them or order them for print. If you choose to download them, you will have full print rights on them, to get them printed as and when you choose. 

Do you have any examples?

Check out some of the latest families I've spent time with recently below.