Ross & Louise // Chateau De Saint-Martory // France

Life has a strange way of coming full circle, when you leave school you say goodbye to people, knowing you may see them every now and again but you realise there may be a chance your lives go off in different directions. 

I can remember in school when Ross & Louise started going out. I was a few years above them and as things are in school days, the news was a big deal. 

Fast forward ten or so years and I get a lovely email from Louise telling me that Ross proposed and they where planning a wedding in France. They had been to the venue, an old Chateau, and had a massive party planned. So they booked Chateau de Saint Martory and it was an absolute honour to then be asked to fly out and do my best to try and take photos that did the wedding and the beautiful surroundings justice. Starting out with the White Night Party the night before, to the wedding party that went on to 4am and everything else in between, including a special trip to a sunflower field! 

If you would like to get married in a French castle, please check out Chateau de Saint-Martory