Andi & Catherine // Hotel il Salviatino //Florence, Italy Wedding

I have known Andi for nearly 10 years. If you are on my site much, you will know of him too. Andi has been a massive influence on me setting up my business and also a massive contributor. Andi is my friend first but also my graphic designer. I am very blessed to know a lot of talented designers but with Andi it just works. He needs little to no brief and just gets it right, time and time again. I owe Andi a lot, he did my current branding at just the right time. He included in the branding exercise, a branding guide. In those words he encouraged me to keep going, just at a time I was doubting whether this was something I wanted to pursue!  

As a designer he knows lots of photographers, so when he met the beautiful Catherine and they got engaged I prepared myself for the awkward conversation. However, little did I know that he always wanted me to do his wedding photos and Catherine was on the same page. Doing photos for your friends always carries an extra amount of nervous energy than normal but this had the added pressure of being in Italy. 

I told him off the bat that I was in a lose lose situation. Peoples expectations would be MASSIVE, not only because they are my friends but the location was so beautiful, people would just expect the photos to be easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel. 

I have been to Italy a few times and whilst I had been in and round the area of Florence I had never spent any time in the city. I flew in a day early to make sure that I got a feel for the city, plus I wanted to take them out around the city the night before the wedding to do some more casual shots. 

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities I have had the pleasure of visiting, and the weather for the few days that we where there was playing ball. 

The wedding was going to happen at the stunning Hotel Il Salviatino which sits up on the hills overlooking Florence. 

Catherine's younger brother Simon [Hutchinson] is a photographer, unfortunately for me, he's not just an average photographer, he's a quality photographer who on any day could make me look average. I had the pleasure of having him along side me for the majority of the time, I pretended to 'teach' him somethings whilst really trying to sabotage his photos, so they didn't turn out better than mine! haha - Fortunately I dont know how successful I was. Its hard to keep talent down. Make sure you take the time to check out his work HERE

The day was simply amazing. I have a whole host of blog posts ready to go up from last year and I want to get them all up here before the summer, but I thought on this grey easter weekend morning, I would bring a little sunshine into your lives. I present to you Andi and Catherine's wedding in Florence 

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