Blowy day at the park

Trying to feature some time I have with my wee family. 

Personal photos are so important, and I think sometimes the worst thing about being a photographer is sometime the idea of getting your camera out to take photos when your 'not at work' seems like a hassle. I have been challenging myself, through the inspiration of a lot of my peers, to do this more as we will regret it when we are older. 

We as a family are very blessed to live close to Julies brother, David and his wife Lynda and their two kids Daisy and Tobin. The kids stagger in age, Reuben, Daisy, Ollie & Tobin and they LOVE each other. Lots of kisses, hugs and laughing. So a few Sundays a go, although the weather was cold and it rained off and on, we met up at a local park to let the kids run around. It finished off with a game of hide and seek I had with my boys. You might spot a photo later in the post that has the boys 'hiding' behind some trees. I think I had more fun they they did! haha

Looking forward over the next couple of months to use the blog more and more, mixing up some wedding work, with other work I do, although with some personal projects and things I am up to.