virginia park lodge

Thomas & Jude // Virginia Park Lodge // Ireland

It would be a rare and unfortunate wedding, where the bride and/or groom don't show some sort of excitement to get married, but when it comes to the most amount of excitement to get married, I think these two take the prize.

Thomas & Jude planned their day down to the smallest of details, from mix CD's for people to take with them in the car for the long journey down to the beautiful Virginia Park Lodge, to have their first dance outside with sparklers, everything was thought through and was beautifully presented with style and class.

What a great day to celebrate these two getting married during the summer. Thomas I have known for a while not only as manager for David C Clements, who I have worked closely with over the last 18 months, and Callum Stewart, another local singer songwriter I have done some work with, but he is also the drummer in one of my favourite wedding bands, The Gents. Jude on the other hand I knew a bit less but her circle of friends I know slightly better, if her friends where anything to go by, I knew Thomas had found himself a keeper. I think you will be able to see for yourself, just how much fun they had!