Alan & Pearl // Culloden Wedding // Snow

So, heres to playing catch up! When I sat down the other day to think of my site and how its going, I realised that I was falling WAY behind with blog posts. When I redesigned the website, I went from not having a blog on my old site, simply using facebook, to having a blog post and only using facebook to put up a 'first glance' photo on the evening of the wedding! I am still playing around with whats the best way to do this, however, for the mean time, here is a wedding from March and over the next week or so I'll work hard and getting up to date with 'blogs'!

*please note that the couples/families got their images within four weeks of their weddings, just been slow at then getting them online! 

This was a wedding never to forget, fresh snow fall, a bomb scare [meaning we where stuck in traffic for over an hour] and intermittent power cuts! All handled incredibly well by Alan & Pearl!

Grace & Peace