Alan & Lynsey // Galgorm Wedding

2012 was a mental year... 

Lots of weddings, portrait and commercial work, we also added another little person to our family. The last wedding of the year was right at the end of 2012, leaving me with a good few weeks off. This was a welcomed break! I got the chance to pause, rethink, rebrand and rest. However, by the time March came around, I was ready to go again! Armed with a new lens and a new website, I started the year with a great wedding. Great for lots of reasons, but mostly because I knew the bride and she's all kinds of brilliant! 

Alan & Lynsey where getting married in Whitehead Methodist and then on to the Four Seasons at the Galgorm. However, before I 'hand' [excuse the pun] I dropped into Alan's family home to catch him and his brother putting the final touches to their look! 

Then back on the road and down to Whitehead to see Lynsey. After a very relaxed house, which included a lot of food thanks to Lynsey's mum.  

The day then went according to plan, minus being FREEZING, especially down in Whitehead. There was a very personal service at Lynsey's home church and then straight up to Galgorm. 



Make Up: Leah Lamey [Bride] & Magda from Bank Beauty in Larne [Bridesmaids]

Wedding Band: Rio

Cars: Champaign Moments