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Grooms Name *
Grooms Name
Grooms Morning Location *
Grooms Morning Location
When possible and if desired, I try and make my way to see the boys before heading to see the girls.
Brides Name *
Brides Name
Brides Morning Location *
Brides Morning Location
I would plan to be with the bride around 1 and half hours before she would plan on leaving.
Time Bride Leaves House *
Time Bride Leaves House
Roughly, to work out the best time for me to arrive!
Ceremony Time *
Ceremony Time
Ceremony Location *
Ceremony Location
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Reception Location
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Call For Dinner
What time are you being called in for dinner? Allows me to work out the time needed.
If you would NOT like your photos online please indicate
If known
Wedding Car Company - if you are having any
If you are having an outside caterer, who is it?
Who made your wedding stationary?
When the blogs are made up, I try and link people through to whoever your suppliers where, for instance so people can find out who did you cake etc, is there another supplier than those listed above you would like to mention?
Have you booked for me to run my Photo Booth on the night?
Your home address *
Your home address
this is so I know where to send your disk to! :)
If you want to type a list of family/group/ photos you would like on your day, please place it here or email me - it can be very helpful on the day!
During the day, do either of you have anything planned for the other, or something you are have as a surprise for the guests, that might be helpful for me to know? If you dont want each other knowing, you can just email or text me: - 07751851844
If so, where are you heading? [This is me just being nosy] and when are you both back? [This is so I know when to contact you again with details of your photos]
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Full balance to be paid at least 2 weeks before the wedding via:

Bank Transfer: Sort Code - 23-69-72 - Account Number - 05656990

Cheque: Made payable to 'David Cavan' - Posted to 1 Knockbracken Grove, Coleraine, BT52 1XQ

PayPal using the email address:


Cash or Cheque on the day