Have you ever considered getting a professional headshot done before?

Taking yourself seriously [not too seriously obviously] is an important part of running a business or motivating employees. Especially with the increased need for an online presence on LinkedIn or your website etc.

Realising that each business or individual has different needs when it comes to headshots, I have three packages.

Things that are standard across each package are;

  • Professional coaching to get you relaxed and ready.

  • Online consultation about location and look. Will work towards your requirements/needs/wants.

  • The shoot can be done in the studio or on location? Using natural light or professional lighting. Decisions like this will be dependant on the desired outcome

  • A range of low-res unedited images will be supplied to you, for selection.

  • Depending on your package, after selection you will then be supplied your image[s] digitally retouched.

  • Professional Hair & Makeup can be provided if required. Additional costs for this will be provided on request.

  • Image[s] will be provided to preview the day of the shoot and the final images provided within 3 working days.




15 min shoot

Max 1 image digitally retouched.

*Reduced rates for multiple within the same company.




1 Hour shoot

Max 3 images digitally retouched




3 hour shoot.

Max 10 images digitally retouched.



Michael Heaslip

David is not just an outstanding photographer. He is a creative thinker, good listener and genuinely passionate about seeing others succeed. This shows in his work which has a wide variety. I would recommend David to anyone and have on many occasions.


Tony Deeney

I needed to strengthen my brand identity in order to have a more uniform message, both with imagery in the gym and across all online platforms. David's keen eye for a great photo and also his wealth of marketing knowledge allowed me to do this. I would highly recommend him to any business owner who needs to sharpen their image.


Aly Harte

Having made promotional material for my business in the past, I was aware that my emotions run high and despite my efforts to separate my work from my life, they are intertwined. Therefore, making new marketing material for my business is crucial yet it has to be done correctly. It also takes time. When I work with David in any capacity- as he photographs a friend's wedding or in this latest invaluable video for the landing page of my website, I am aware that there is time. David gives his clients time and makes time for the creative process to be at its best. This is a skill that can't be taught. There is a confidence and ease when David begins and when he executes a project. His technical ability is second to none.