Well, what a start to the season...

As I was building up for the 2013 wedding season, I knew it would kick off with a bang with two in two days! And what a two days it turned out to be! 

First off was Alan & Lynsey at the Four Seasons in Galgrom Resort and Spa. I have known Lynsey for years and at a wedding last year I was really pleased to meet her new boyfriend at the time, Alan. It was clear they where so chuffed to be going out and it wasn't with any surprise when I heard they got engaged! I was really touched when the email came through from Lynsey to ask if I would do the photos! Even though the weather was FREEZING, it stayed dry and we got some photos outside!  



It was as the night was getting on at Alan & Lynsey's, that my mind started shifting towards Alan & Pearls day. I had heard that the weather was gonna get worse, so instead of risking it and driving back up to Coleraine I decided I would take advantage of my little brother living in Belfast and slept in his spare bed! I was up early the next morning to go to the shops to get some essentials as I hadn't planned to be staying anywhere, so fighting through the traffic and snow, I got to Culloden a bit early and decided to take advantage of their spa facilities to grab a shower. It was clear after I had freshened up that the weather was gonna play a major part of the day! Once I had all my gear ready to go and had triple checked that I had everything backed up from the day before, I started getting photos of the girls as they got their make up on! Alan & Pearls day not only had to deal with the ridiculous weather, but as we left the church in Stranmillis [about 5 miles or so from the hotel where the dinner was] and got onto the main road out to the hotel, the traffic stopped dead! It was clear something else had happened! A bomb scare had closed the only road to the hotel and it happens to be one of the busiest road in Northern Ireland too! So after hour and half in the car, the police moved away and we finished our journey back to the hotel. We managed to get a few photos done and we where only half hour late for the schedule. Alan & Pearl, did so well, just took everything in their stride. Really impressed with their positive attitude, even when the power went out during the meal! Also a big kudos to the band, The Proposals, who had to improvise when the power was playing havoc with their PA system! Then came the drive home... whilst slow and slippy, climbing into bed in the early hours was a welcomed activity!  


What a start to the season! More photos will be up once the couples are back from honeymoon! Keep an eye out!  


ps - there a limited dates left in 2013, so if you are wishing to book, make sure you get in soon!