Two Door Two Day Tour - Faces In The Crowd - Liverpool & Glasgow

I can remember the excitement. The energy would build. From the moment that I would walk into Virgin Megastores in Belfast to purchase the ticket. The nervous wait whilst the cashier would look at the availability of the tickets. 

For about 2 years, I was addicted to this. My friends and I would be into all sorts of music and would be straight on the phone to each other when a band we loved would release their tour dates. From the moment of buying the ticket it was about all that we would talk about. We went to see so many bands, from Ash to Stereophonic, from Manic Street Preachers to Placebo and even a very young Coldplay just after the realise of their first album. 

When Two Door Cinema Club released their UK tour dates I arranged to join them for a day or two and see how the shows were going. 

One of the things that hit me when I stood in the pit or side of stage apart from how MENTAL the crowds were in Liverpool & Glasgow and how great the boys are, was the excitement in the faces of the crowd. The energy everyone brought to the room was insane and brought me right back to going crazy in the middle of the crowd and getting lost in my favourite songs when I was younger. 

If you were there, you might look through the photos and see yourself, if so and you would like a copy of the photo, just get in touch, or you might not have been there but recognise the energy of being at a concert. When the lights go up and all the faces turned towards the stage the only eyes on the faces in the crowd are the bands, these are the faces they saw. Having spoken to them at length about the fans after each gig and showed them these photos, they saw you and really deeply appreciate your support. 

Two Door Cinema Club // Liverpool Guild of Students // Thursday 1st February 2017

Two Door Cinema Club // Glasgow Barralands // Friday 3rd February 2017