North Coast

Pete & Fi // Engagement // Wake Board on the Bann

Pete & Fi // Engagement // Wake Board on the Bann

This time I bumped into Pete & Fi at the gym last year. I noticed them straight away, their love for life is just so obvious. So when they called one day to ask about wedding photography I got very excited. 

Both of them are very talented at the day jobs, but I started to notice that one topic of conversation was coming up more and more regularly. Wake Boarding. It turns out that Pete is one of the best there is and at his peak was right up there in world rankings. They spent a big chuck of their time on the water. When Fiona messaged me one day to chat through an engagement shoot, she had an idea. 'How about, we both dress in wedding outfits and get on the water?' I didn't know what to think. First I thought she was joking but my excitement grew with the realisation that she was being serious. So the night we scheduled, was a bit of a wash out. We sat on the boat, with fading light, water bouncing off the river and George [Pete & Fi's sausage dog] curled up in the foot well of the boat, we where just about to call it a day. Fi had got a wedding dress off gumtree and pete was in a suit ready to go. Then, the weather cleared and I thought we had about 15-20 mins good light. So they went for it. 3 times up and down the Bann with Pete pulling these insane flips and tricks with the upmost ease and Fiona elegantly slicing there the wake in A WEDDING DRESS! haha

What a great night. Don't think there will be any wake boarding at their wedding in November but I still can't wait!