Malawi // Tearfund

In April this year I travelled out to Malawi to document how the changing weather patterns across the world are effecting the poorest communities. 

I went out to shoot a film about what I saw and come back with some stories. I will post the film in tomorrows blog but here are a number of stills that I got from all too short time in the beautiful country of Malawi. 

Malawi was one country I had heard LOTS about but never been too, as my mum did part of her study in her academic journey to move from being a nurse to a midwife. At the time, Mum being in Malawi meant one thing to me... I had unlimited access to her car and I could treat it like my own. A few days into having this access, when I had parked the car on a street to head into my work to complete a shift in a local clothes store, I get news that the car had been burnt out. So the memory of Mum being away is a vivid one. I also remember when she came home I would wind her up [nothing strange there] that if anyone spent longer than 30 secs in our house, she would get the Malawi pictures out. 

A few hours after landing I started the see why it had such an impact on my mum. First thing I notice when I get to a place are the people, they are what interest me, not always the landscape or the surroundings. The Malawian people we met as soon as we arrived made it clear the trip was going to be a memorable one. 

In tomorrows post I will share more about the specific stories of how the changing weather patterns are having a negative effect on the ground in especially the rural communities in Malawi.