One of the reasons why I have been slow to get stuff up online was a mental busy June! 

Alongside photography, I work part time for Tearfund and we where involved in an amazing campaign called 'IF'.

This was a campaign that brought over 200 organisations together, asking the leaders of the G8 whilst they where in Enniskillen to make massive steps forward to end world hunger.  

Part of the awareness for this campaign was two BIG IF concerts, one in London and the other in Belfast.  

I was involved in some parts of the organisation of the Belfast event as well as the fringe event that Tearfund put on just before!  

One of the things I was asked to do at the event was to make a video of the highlights of the day. This was shot and edited in a few days.  I only got the chance to take a few photos as filming was the main priority!

A massive thanks goes to Two Door Cinema Club who allowed us to use their track 'something good can work'

If you would like to see it please have a watch below and let me know what you think! 


PS - a massive thank you to David Cleland of Flixel Pix - who was one of our on site photographers!