David C. Clements // Waterfall Shoot

David C. Clements is one of the finest singer songwriters around. In early 2016 he releases his long awaited debut album, The Longest Day in History. 

I feel privileged to be working with him and his team on photos. 

I look forward to sharing other photos from this campaign. 

On a mild summers day David & I came up with the concept of being submerged in water and put our ideas into action. We managed to come out in one piece, even after I slipped and nearly fell into the water, cameras and all, and then during the underwater shots, David nearly collapsed with the cold but was all good in the end. 

Location: Glenariff Forest Park, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

My Dear Mother EP has been released on a free download HERE if you want to hear a teaser to the album release.